The Meaningful Learning Research Group

Articles MLRG members would like to see

We are discussing creating a Meaningful Learning Journal or other new publications. Here are some articles MLRG members would like to see written and published.

James Trifone

From my first-hand experience as a veteran secondary level biology teacher of 35 years and educational researcher, I would love to see articles, in the proposed journal, which investigate both the motivational factors (e.g. approach learning and performance goals, task-value beliefs, control beliefs, self-efficacy beliefs), as well as uses of deep cognitive learning skills (e.g. meaningful learning skills in the revised Bloom's Taxonomy, constructivist pedagogical approaches etc.) requisite to fostering meaningful approaches to becoming self-regulated learners.

Ultimately, the journal might offer educators a unique niche for articles that emphasize the need to integrate the two fields of motivational goal theory and conceptual change theory. The result of this integration would be to create a more holistic understanding of the role that motivation and cognition play in encouraging learners to adopt more adaptive goal orientations. Moreover, a journal that investigates both "hot" (motivational perspectives), as well as "cold" (cognitive perspectives) would offer educators more integrative approaches to promoting use of cognitive and metacognitive learning skills that encourage learners to adopt more meaningful approaches to learning.

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