LEARNING, CREATING, AND USING KNOWLEDGE - Concept Maps as Facilitative Tools in Schools and Corporations

Joseph D. Novak

Cornell University

An essential resource for improving individuals' effectiveness in learning, creating, and using knowledge in both school and corporate settings, this book is based on a theory of education, including theories of learning, knowledge, and instruction developed by the author and his associates.

Concept maps are used extensively within the text to illustrate key ideas based on the theories listed above. The book is organized around the five "elements" involved in every educational event: 1) learner, 2) teacher, 3) knowledge, 4) context, and 5) evaluation. Each element is discussed and both theoretical and practical ideas are presented to optimize activities in schools and corporations. Throughout the book, effective management is shown to be dependent upon the same factors as effective teaching.

After establishing the fact that we have entered the "Knowledge Era," Novak illustrates that the future of economic well-being rests upon the competency of schools and corporations to empower their people to be more effective learners and knowledge creators. Knowledge creation is seen as a special form of meaningful learning, dependent upon the same factors that operate in any effective and meaningful learning event. Rote learning, common in most schools and universities today, is shown to be ineffective for achieving the goals of individuals and society in an era when creative production of new knowledge is at a premium.

This book is unique in addressing both important issues for the improvement of schooling as well as issues facing the business world with the increased globalization of business. Because it offers a new foundation for corporate and school collaboration to enhance the effectiveness of learners and workers, this volume is a valuable resource to educators at all levels and corporate managers who seek to enhance the productivity of their workers.

Contents: An Overview of the Book. The Need for a Theory of Education. Meaningful Learning and Knowledge Creation. The Construction of New Meanings. Ausubel's Assimilation Learning Theory. The Nature of Knowledge and How Humans Create Knowledge. The Effective Teacher/Manager. The Context for Education/Management. Evaluation. Improving Education in Schools and Corporations.

0-8058-2625-4 [cloth] / February 1998 / approx. 264pp. / $49.95

0-8058-2626-2 [paper] / February 1998 / approx. 264pp. / $29.95

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