Member Publications

The links from this page will take you to publications written and made available by MLRG members.

"To What Extent can Concept Mapping Motivate Students to Take a More Meaningful Approach to Learning Biology?" by James Trifone. The Science Education Review, 5(4), 2006. Reprinted on the MLRG site with the permission of the author. (Click here for more Science Education Review articles.)

Apprendere, Creare ed Usare la Conoscenza: l'utilizzo di Concept maps come tool di semplificazione nelle scuole e nelle aziende - a paper written in Italian on concept mapping by Joseph Novak

Criteria and Rationale for Good Concept Maps by Joseph Novak, 01/12/2004

Teoria da Aprendizagem Significativa - a set of six papers on meaningful learning, written in Portuguese, by J. D. Novak, M. A. Moreira, J. A. Valadares, A. F. Cachapuz, J. F. Praia, R. D. Martínez, Y. H. Montero, M. E. Pedrosa

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